Blessing Prayer of Trust in the Mercies of God


Blessing Prayer of Trust in the Mercies of God

my Lord God, I stand before you today, confident in your great love and tenderness, to offer you this invocation from my unclean mouth and unclean lips. I offer you a prayer of confidence in your many comforts, so remember me.

O Lord, lest the enemy draws me to him, who was called by your holy name, and you redeemed me with your generous blood, and sealed me with the seal of your Holy Spirit, and raised me from the depth of ignorance and disobedience.

Defend me, my Lord Jesus Christ, and be my strong helper in my struggle, because lusts still bind and enslave me. Do not let me, Lord, remain bound to this earth, condemned for my deeds. Free me, Lord, from the bondage of the wicked prince of this world.

Blessing Prayer of Trust in the Mercies of God
Blessing Prayer of Trust in the Mercies of God

May your radiant light shine upon me

You are the light for my way in this life, so let your glorious light shine upon my soul, lest darkness overtakes me, and those who walk in darkness snatch me away. Do not, sir, give to invisible beasts a spirit that recognizes you, and do not let stray dogs devour your servant.

Grant me, O Holy Father, to receive your Holy Spirit within me, and to be a dwelling in which your Christ may rest. Guide me, O guide of the lost, I yearn, O my Master, to see your face, so guide me with your light on the path of truth. Grant me springs of tears and give your servant a drop of your Holy Spirit, lest he withers like a fig tree that you cursed.

Be insist, O my Savior, tears my drink, prayer my food, turn my mourning into joy, accept me in your eternal abode, and include me in your mercy, O merciful one, forgive all my sins and do not let the mounts of your hands perish to the end.

by: Saint Seraphim


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Blessing Prayer of Trust in the Mercies of God

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