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Effective Personal Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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Effective Personal Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

(Automatic Google Translate) Dear Lord, you are the tender heart full of love and goodness; You are the merciful heart that bears nothing but tolerance; You are the loving heart that gives all good things; O Good Heart of Jesus, we ask you, on the feast of your Sacred Heart, with this prayer, the students of the Heart of Jesus, to fill our hearts with love and tenderness and increase them with compassion and mercy, so that we may live inner joy and enjoy peace with all those around us in a time dominated by terrorism and crime and eroding extremism and injustice and chaos reigns, and perversion, ignorance, and loss prevail.

O loving heart, shine the light of your holy heart on your people in this tormented East, and give them strength and steadfastness on your love, so that you may be their refuge and cover in times of trouble… Amen.

Effective Personal Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Effective Personal Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Blessed be the Sacred Heart of Jesus and glorified in every time and in every place Jesus! You are of the kind heart of all quality and goodness! You see me and love me; you are merciful and forgiving because you cannot see misery without wishing to heal him. Behold, I place all my hope in you, and I trust that you will not neglect me and that Your blessings always outweigh my hopes. Fulfill me, O Jesus, all your promises, and grant me the necessary blessings

For my case, and peace be upon my family, my brothers and their families, and in my homeland, Lebanon, comfort me in my hardships and be my refuge for the rest of my life. And at the hour of my death, if I am a sinner, I shall find in me. Your heart is the fountain of mercies. Or if I was lukewarm in my faith, I would get hot through you, or if I was hot, I would

I will rise to perfection. Bless me, Jesus, with a special grace that softens hard hearts worship your sacred heart. And write my name in your adored heart so that it will not be erased forever. Where honor the image of your Sacred Heart, and bless my work and service.   Effective Personal Prayer

Lord help me to complete my message by completing my writing of the Holy Gospel in this blog. Strengthen me, O Heart of Jesus, full of love, so that I may continue my journey My life is to be with you alone!  And to walk in your path all the days of my life.  O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust you. Amen

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Effective Personal Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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