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Prayer to God for Healing from the Coronavirus

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Prayer to God for Healing from the Coronavirus

Prayers and supplications to the Lord Jesus at this difficult time that the whole world is going through, and to recover from the disease of Corona.

O physician, his medicine is: ‘I will so be pure’.
We turn to you today and at this difficult time
To reach out your mighty hand and touch our weakness and heal us from our fear.
You Jesus ‘God saves’ save us.
The lepers kneeled down to you and asked you to be cleansed, and they were purified.
The bleeding came close to you and touched the edge of your cloak, and her bleeding stopped.
The centurion came to you and asked you to say a word so that his servant would be healed, and he was healed.
Jairus, the head of the synagogue, begged you, and you made him his only one.
The fever was expelled from Peter’s mother-in-law, and she recovered.
You said to the paralyzed man, get up, pick up your bed, and he walked.
The blind man asked for sight, and he saw.
You pulled Lazarus out of his grave, and he got up.

Prayer to God for Healing from the Coronavirus
Prayer to God for Healing from the Coronavirus
‎Our lord‎

‎You are the rock of our salvation, and you have to lean and eat our jurisprudence. ‎
‎You are the way, the truth, and life, then. ‎
‎You’re the doctor. ‎
‎You are the good shepherd, and we sing your shepherd. We’re protected. ‎
‎We beg you today and guide us with your wisdom. And we asked‎
‎your word and we were touched by your body and blood,‎

‎Be free, arm yourself with your ability, and stay away from fear, panic, and disdain. ‎
‎Provide us with your wisdom, criticize the power of your soul, and be free from our impairments. ‎
‎Present in the mystery of the eucharist, we have led you. ‎
‎God, the word, we armed it. ‎

Our Lord and God

you are tender to us, ‎ ‎and if you will, you are able to protect us and keep away from us epidemics and diseases, which have claimed thousands.‎

‎We have guided you with the spirit of‎ ‎repentance, cleanse us‎ ‎of our soul and‎ ‎body, cleanse our world, our schools, our‎
‎institutions and our hearts with the dew of our tears and with your mercy, so that we worship you, praise your father, and criticize your holy spirit, from now on and forever. ‎
‎Amen. 🙏🙏🙏‎ ‎ Father Joseph Swed (Google translate)

Prayer to God for Healing from the Coronavirus


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