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St. Mary Prayer to Expel Demons & Crush The Forces of Evil

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St. Mary Prayer to Expel Demons & Crush The Forces of Evil

The Virgin’s prayer to expel the demons and crush the forces of evil has proved its effectiveness by the testimony of many who persisted in reading it with reverence and faith… If you suffer from great distress and feel the devil is fighting you. !!! Take this prayer to expel Satan and break his evil schemes against you.


O Holy Mother, Pray for Us

The Lady of the Virgin stretched out her hands to the east, saying, “My son, the Creator of all the Praia, the human beings have troubled me with their cries. They are overcome by a spirit of evil, no bond, no attachment, and no evil eye against your divine power, your urban glory, and your Holy Spirit, which has come to me in the city of Nazareth.


O Lord,

When the angel blessed me with the rope with you without sowing, and with the right power that came in my bones, I took the demons who did not confess the secret of your wondrous birth, to the miracles that I did in Egypt, because their idols fell from you and respect, so I turned the water into wine and the right of the divine voice. Your dependence on John in Jordan, saying: This is my beloved Son, to whom I am pleased to hear.

That thou shalt not overcome the bearer of this calamity, neither man nor evil spirit, nor enslavement, nor evil sight, nor evil eye, thou art of five loaves, five thousand men full, and full of waste, twelve feet, satisfied with thy goods; I will listen to the voice of my supplication as an oppressor of my believing children, all their enemies, both invisible and invisible.

And saved him from all the misfortunes and diseases, and supported him against all the hostile spirits, and saved him, O Lord, as you saved Jonah in the vale of the whale. And as Noah and his family were saved in the ship from the flood, here I beg you and I hope that it is not permissible for the holder not to harm, nor to follow him from the evil spirits.

St. Mary Prayer to Expel Demons & Crush the Forces of Evil
St. Mary Prayer to Expel Demons & Crush The Forces of Evil
St. Mary Prayer to Expel Demons & Crush The Forces of Evil

The Holy Mother

I will cast them out of him, and will be saved from all evil, and will save him from Demons caused by him, or the spirits of evil, and his age from the epilepsy of the ablaze and the disciples of the intercession of your martyr St. George, and the right of Adonai the Sabbatarians.

And the right of your light and throne and the right of the Holy Trinity and the names of the three divine names. Your servant is the creature in your image and your example is every demon that dwells in him and harms him.

O evil spirit, that you should not harm him or hurt him, neither at night nor in the day, in the name of God Almighty and of all his holy angels and all the prophets, martyrs, righteous priests, and all the saints whom I have worshiped.

And the right of the Holy Mother, the Torah, the Psalms, the Seal of Solomon, the Son of David, and the right of the Mother of God, and this holy prayer, that my sons, the believers, men, women, children.

I swear to you, O daughter of the eternal word of God, that you come out of the holder of this treasure, and from his house and his children, I associate you, Fathers, who are fed up with the evil of men who believe in the creative God.

I swear to you by His living name and the three hundred and eighteen Fathers who gathered in the city of Nicia. And all your saints who have a function to you, and in your word that I said to the earth. Runaway, demon. From the name of Jesus Christ, I call you.

St. Mary Prayer to Expel Demons & Crush The Forces of Evil
St. Mary Prayer to Expel Demons & Crush the Forces of Evil

Holy Name Jesus Christ

The right to seal our master Solomon son of David who tied you to him and threw you into the sea, I fire you in the name of the Holy God, as the Saint Sultans expelled you.

Anoos and judge you with the strength of the Holy Cross with the Word of God Almighty and his power capable of everything, and I recommend that you not lower the bearer of this score, not in the Nether in the day nor in the light nor in the darkness, I pray to you, Holy Trinity, to answer your servant. (name) St. Mary Pray

Keep away from him and expel all the diabolical fantasies, the unclean spirits, and all the Labunes, and guard him from all evil and harm and from every demon look and Blor, with the intercession of the Virgin Pure and Saint Saba the Wild Planet, the right of the Holy Cross kept all Christians and the Sacred Tomb.

And all the Prophets, angels and martyrs, and all the righteous priests. But you o person (mention the name) go in God’s safety and save God and his hand to guard you, and his eyes that don’t sleep guard you and watch over you at night and day.

I swear to you, Satan, O bad eye, I swear to you, O daughter of the evil spirit, in the name of the great God, that you should not come close to the holder of this calamity. May God heal and die, and the water will flow, and the fire will burn, and the black crow will constrain you from iron. Wax and lead melt from the face of God, by His Holy Name Jesus Christ. Amen. (google translate)

St. Mary Prayer to Expel Demons & Crush the Forces of Evil


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