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The Novel Factory Free Download 2022 for Windows and Mac

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The Novel Factory Free Download 2022 for Windows and Mac

The Novel Factory is a creative writing program that guides you through each step as you develop and write your article or story. The interface leads you on a linear path from the beginning of the story to its completion. This writing program can help you in every step of writing, although it targets the most aspiring writers of experienced novelists.

It also adheres to the travel planner, which may not be available to everyone. The program provides a variety of features and tools for new writing but may be more powerful and intuitive.

If writing your first story seems a daunting task, this creative writing program is your best bet. It has custom spaces for you to write your story hypothesis, to label and describe characters and locations, and even to draw any notes or ideas you have.

You can easily write your article summary and structure chart using the simple storyboard feature. The program automatically saves and copies your files, and can also help you create character names if you can not think of them.

The Novel Factory provides an option to get a screen split view or view only the current document. With all the notes and resources available to you, you will not have to switch between programs and lose your focus.

Spelling automatically tells you if you have misspelled words in your text, while the number of words allows you to keep track of what you’ve typed and how close you are to achieve any number of words you’ve set.

The word processor also allows you to format text and insert images and comments. Do not miss the fun of this wonderful program experience that you are a novice or professional blogger. (You can find the download link at the bottom of the article).

Download The Novel Factory Write Your Articles Step-by-Step
The Novel Factory Free Download 2022 for Windows and Mac


  • A trial version with the possibility to buy a lot of features available.
  • A novel writing guide is optional for beginners.
  • Notes are automatically organized.
  • Guide to write a new step by step.
  • It does not require long hours of learning how to use it.
  • Your 7-year-old baby can use it.
  • The planning department takes a structured approach to build a strong piece of core piece.
  • Keep all your personal data safe on the Custom Characters tab.
  • You can see an overview of all your private data, or open one to view details.
  • Includes character, sound, background, original templates, and more.
  • The program contains special sections specially designed for Viewpoint profiles.
Download The Novel Factory Write Your Articles Step-by-Step
The Novel Factory Free Download 2022 for Windows and Mac
Add any number you want and display it in the window or on the screen. The Sites tab follows all of your sites, allowing you to add photos and details about your senses and their general description.
  • Once you’ve written a long summary, you have the option to create scenes directly from it.
  • Adjust where the scene goes and goes — all scenes will automatically be created in seconds.
  • Get the fun part of writing the first draft.
  • Divide your story into scenes and chapters and get a quick overview.
  • You can enter, edit, and view key information with this scene, and associate the characters and locations with them.
  • There are also custom tabs for many drafts.
  • Refers to previous drafts if you realize you need something.
  • The Views tab lets you write multiple drafts of your story side by side.
  • Export your manuscript and notes to word, or to plain text format.
  • A special tab dedicated to tracking submissions to proxies or self-publishing sites.
  • The Statistics tab lets you track the number of words and the rate of typing.
  • You can set goals and keep track of whether you’re meeting them.
  • And many others.
Download The Novel Factory Write Your Articles Step-by-Step
The Novel Factory Free Download 2022 for Windows and Mac

Technical Details

  • Category: Office Tools
  • Software name: The Novel Factory
  • Version: The latest
  • License: A trial version with the possibility to purchase the paid version
  • Software Size: 20.2 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows XP, 7/8/10, as well as other systems.
  • Languages: English
  • Developed Company: Novel Factory
  • Official website:

Download The Novel Factory

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