Prayer for Strength and Faith in the Time of Satan’s Wars


Prayer for Strength and Faith in the Time of Satan’s Wars

You are my strength and my praise, and you have become my salvation. Increase my faith, O Lord, help the weakness of my faith and preserve my faith without harm, because, without You, we cannot do anything.

From You comes every good and perfect gift, O Father of lights. Anything good is yours, and all that is good is from you. What I can, but will do with my experience is also the outlet so that I can bear it.

Prepare me for every good deed, that I may do your will and what pleases you before you, and strengthen me with your eternal consolation and your good hope by grace. Stretch your hand toward your servant, to obtain your victory and your precious salvation, and to make Satan more disgraced by the power of your cross, O Redeemer.


Glory Be to You Who Are Hurt and Intolerant

Glory to you who crush and your hands heal. Glory′ to you who put up and raise. Glory to you who died and revived. Bring me to the heavenly Mount Zion in your city, O living God, Jerusalem, and embrace me to the tents of assembly of those who are written in your heavens, Judge of all, and complete me with the spirits of the righteous and perfect, that I may receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Dress me, O Lord, with the garment of salvation, and never take it off from me, lest I be found naked, and cover my naked soul, and fill me with heavenly lust, to make sure that everything in this world is but a waste. Count me worthy of the hidden ten with you, O Divine Beloved, so that I may carry the cross of temptation with surrender and joy with every obedience to your command.

By your strength, I am guarded so that I do not grieve over various temptations until my faith is purified when your eternal and final salvation is revealed. Allow me to be found blameless in holiness before you, for your yoke is easy, O Lord, and your burden is light, and what seems to me now painful is for my good, because you, Lord, are able to turn things into their opposite.

Prayer for Strength and Faith

Prayer for Strength and Faith in the Time of Satan's Wars
Prayer for Strength and Faith in the Time of Satan’s Wars

O Loving God

Qualify me, O the owner of glory, so that my faith may be purified when it is tested by fire and temptation, for Your wisdom, O Lord, is not investigated, and I am in your hand like clay in the hand of a potter and like amount in the hand of its shaper, as the mountain cannot say to the bearer why you made me. I do not have to object but prostrate before your glory. You are the one who brings out the food from the eater and from the dry sweetness.

O Doctor, who heals distresses, surgery of my soul until you regain your original image and shape it according to your blessed nature so that it does not lose its eternal portion. You created them to be yours, and you, my lord, treat me with all the medicines that lead to life, so that I may not lose my supreme prize from you.

I wish that you, with your love and tenderness, would reveal to me even a little the secret of your wisdom, in a way as you said, “You do not know now what I am doing, but you will understand later.” Then I would hand you everything without reservation, trusting in your love, believing that you are a chastisement that disciplines me and will not deliver me to death, hoping for your salvation for me. I am an undeserved sinner.

By: Father Athanasius Fahmy George (Google Translate)


Prayer for Strength and Faith in the Time of Satan’s Wars

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