Prayer to Faithful Dead and Righteous Martyrs


Prayer to Faithful Dead and Righteous Martyrs

Forgive us and grant us mercy!

Blessed are the martyrs, who die in the satisfaction of the Lord; let them rest from trouble, for their works are with them. We have to raise the prayers and offer the Masses and do good deeds in order to help the souls of the righteous dead, because they are our brothers in Christ, especially if they are our close relatives and benefactors.

They cry out to us; “Forgive us and grant us mercy.” “You, O our Evangelist, the hand of God is ours,” and “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be merciful.” Let the voice of their cry come out, this is our ears and the depths of our hearts.

Prayer to Faithful Dead and Righteous Martyrs
Prayer to Faithful Dead and Righteous Martyrs

The Victorious Christ Shines

Remember that the Lord is compassionate and loving. He has not treated us according to our sins. And He has not rewarded us as much as our sins, to pray and remember our dead and all our loved ones who have departed from this world and in their hearts hope that the Lord will write to them their life and salvation.

In heaven and saints, on our heads, our Lady, the Virgin Mary, can help those souls. Let us also remember all those who have been touched by treachery, terrorism, and crime. They are martyrs and angels in heaven.

To shine upon them, O Lord, your eternal light, with the saints forever, Thou art the soft-hearted. The eternal rest give them, O Lord, and the lasting light. Let it be light for him, and let our faith be that the death of the righteous is an entry into peace, in eternal rest, and in light. And to see in death a profit as long as Christ lives,

The victorious Christ shines from now on the people who sit in the shadow of death. We have freed ourselves from the law of sin and death, which we were enslaved until that time. After death was a disturbing destiny, we were born in the shadow of death. “Let the dead die in the satisfaction of the Lord,” to rest from the first day of trouble.

Let us wait for the coming of the Savior Jesus Christ; who will change our despicable body and make him the image of His glorious body, so we will triumph over death and enter the glory of heaven and realize the enjoyment of the Redeemer.

Prayer to Faithful Dead and Righteous Martyrs
Prayer to Faithful Dead and Righteous Martyrs

God is the Treasure of the Merciful

Blessed are the martyrs who die in the grace of the Lord, to rest from trouble; for their works are with them. If Jesus Christ is resurrected from the dead, He also resurrects our dead bodies by His Spirit in us.

God is the treasure of the merciful and gave and arranged many opportunities and reasons for the martyr to be justified by the living. It has given you a chance that you can be rid of your loved one after his death with your charity and prayers and has allowed you to be a merchant to your dead buried and rest your life with your work.

The land opens the door of the buried dead and can be justified by the charity that is made after his death. Release the slaves and free them for the dead to be justified. The Lord rejoices, my brethren, when you spare hope for your death and for your mercenaries. Honor the poor and bury them, and let your souls die. The living can justify the dead.

Satan knows that the dead can be saved by the living, and therefore tears and tears multiply. Do not prevent the sacrifice and charity of the dead, all the hope of the dead in the Eucharist, and the living. Love motivates me to speak about the dead. Do they benefit from the offerings that the living people bring to them?

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The Eucharist seeks love, faith, vigilance, fasting, prayer, and purity. Or as soon as the Lord sees your love and faith, he will give hope to the dead who have fallen into their bodies to live their lives and dwell in His kingdom forever. Amen


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Prayer to Faithful Dead and Righteous Martyrs

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