Prayers for Grace and for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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Prayers for Grace and for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Prayers in Honor of the Holy Spirit

Oh Holy Spirit of God, who made me see everything, and showed me the way to perfection, you who gave me the divine grace to forgive and condone the abuse I have done, you who are with me in all the emergency events in my life. Thank you for everything. I assure you once again that I am not, and I will never want to be separated from you, no matter what my worldly desires are.

I want to be with you and your lovers in eternal heavenly glory, so I thank you for your love for me and for those whom I love in Christ Jesus our Lord, because yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Trustworthy.

Everyone who is interested should pray this prayer with faith for three consecutive days without the need to mention his demand. After the third day, he will be blessed with what he did not expect from anything that may be difficult and impossible to imagine, provided that he pledges to spread it among his circles for spiritual benefit, and for him as soon as he obtains the required grace, glory be to God forever.

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Prayers for Grace and for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Prayers for Grace and for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

To receive heavenly gifts. Come, Holy Spirit, and send from heaven a ray of your light. Come, Father of the Poor. Comeˆ on, giver of talent. Come, Oh light of hearts. Oh glorious Comforter, Oh sweet dweller of hearts. What a delicious rest. In fatigue, you are comfortable, in heat moderation, and in crying comfort.

Oh Blessed Light, fill the interior with the hearts of your believers because without your power there is nothing in man and nothing is pure. Cleanse what was unclean, water what was dry, heal what was wet, and soften what was solid. Kindle what was cold, manage what was lost. Give your believers who rely on you the seven talents, and grant them the reward of virtue. Grant them the ultimate salvation, give them eternal joy. Amen.


Act of Consecration to the Holy Spirit

Behold, I prostrate myself before all the heavenly hosts, Oh Divine Holy Spirit, of light and love, and I dedicate to you my mind, my heart, my will, and my entire self, in this age and in eternity.

Oh Eternal Spirit of God, you are strength and light to my soul, and in you, I live, move, and exist, and I desire not to grieve you at all with my unbelief, and I pray with all my heart that my soul will be preserved from error. May my mind always be obedient to your heavenly inspirations, and to the teaching of the Holy Church, of which you are the unerring guide.

May my heart be filled with the love of God and my neighbor; May my will always be in accordance with the divine will. May my whole life is a faithful imitation of the life and virtues of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and that I always look to His holy wounds on the cross, so that I do not sin again. I beg you to protect me from all evil. Oh comforter soul, grant me to be a faithful witness to your grace, to be glory with the Father and the Son forever. Amen.

Prayers for Grace and for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Prayers for Grace and for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Prayer for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Oh, my beloved Jesus, the eye of generosity and righteousness, who, before his ascension to heaven, promised the apostles and disciples to send his Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen them, have compassion, and send to us this spirit that sanctifies souls to dwell in us and fill us with his Sunni talents.

Come, Oh Spirit of Wisdom, and let us seek the truly good and provide us with the means of obtaining it. ˆCome and dwell in us, the spirit of understanding, and enlighten our minds so that we may comprehend the truths of our sacred religion and its deep secrets.

Come and dwell in us, Oh Spirit of strength, and fill our hearts with the love of God, and strengthen us to perform our duties where nothing of worldly matters deters us from them. Comeˆ, Oh Spirit of counsel, and dwell in us, so that we may know what we must do according to the will of God Almighty. Come, Oh spirit of knowledge, and dwell in us, that we may know God and ourselves in the fullest kind.

From you, we earnestly ask for this divine knowledge necessary for us and the basis of all virtue. Then I repeated the request insistently with St. Augustine, saying: “God has blessed me to know you and know myself.” Come, Oh spirit of piety, and dwell in us, that we may be able to fulfill the divine commandments and the evangelical counsels with all activity and joy.

Grant that we may experience that the Lord’s yoke is in fact easy and light so that we do not disdain to bear it. Come, Oh, the spirit of the fear of God, who is the head of wisdom, dwells in us and sustains us, that we may always prefer enduring suffering to committing sin. Glory to you, Eternal Father, who lives and reigns with his only-begotten Son and his Holy Spirit, the Comforter of souls, forever and ever. Amen

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Prayers for Grace and for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit


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