Saint Charbel – Intercession Prayer for Peace & Blessing

Saint Charbel – Intercession Prayer for Peace & Blessing

Saint Charbel, our beloved saint, remember us in your prayers before the throne of the great Lord

the Christians of Lebanon and the Arab world are in need of peace. O beloved Charbel, our beloved saint, do not skimp upon us by asking the Lord Jesus to grant us peace and protection. We are in dire need of this peace, as many monsters surround us wanting to prey on us.

In our beloved Saint Charbel, I convey our screams, our suffering, and our despair to the Lord Jesus, for our homeland, Lebanon, has become an arena inhabited by destruction and devastation, in which predatory human beasts roam, which have reigned in the land of murder and crime.

We pray and ask through your intercession from the Lord Jesus that His goodness and peace be upon our country and all nations, and especially for everyone who recites this prayer.


Prayer to Saint Charbel, the patron saint of Lebanon

Oh, Saint Charbel, as you were in your life on the earth bearing the concerns of people and praying for them, you continued in the sky, raining goodness on the earth, so great miracles occurred on your hand, and many people received great blessings, and I am one of them. I trust you very much and ask you to stay with me in my daily life.

So you will be the intercessor, the example, and the closest friend who bears my concerns and who helps me to live always near and with the Lord, who gives me the comfort that comes from the Lord.

Lord, through the intercession of our beloved Saint Charbel, bless my family, friends, and acquaintances, especially my children, and be with them and help them. Be with everyone who is weak and needy, and bring goodness, peace, and love everywhere. Amen

Saint Charbel - Intercession Prayer for Peace & Blessing
Saint Charbel – Intercession Prayer for Peace & Blessing

Charbel the Beloved,

I beg you, especially now, to intercede for me, for the sake of my family, one by one. You are the friend who knows everything. Teach me to always surrender to the will of the Lord, to accept with joy the difficulties of life, and not to deviate from His way, no matter what happens in this world, because with Him and in Him only perfect love and eternal life, on this earth and beyond. Stay with me, you are my ideal and my patron saint, Saint Charbel. Father, peace, and glory.

O God, glorified by the sanctity of endless glory, who captivated the heart of Father Charbel and embraced the ascetic life and gave him the grace and the ability to free himself from the world through the monastic virtues of chastity, obedience, and poverty.

We ask you to grant us the grace to love and serve you as he loved you and served you, O Almighty God, who gave strength the intercession of Saint Charbel with various miracles and graces, and grant us, through his intercession, the grace that we seek, so we thank you and glorify you forever, Amen. (Google Translate)


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Saint Charbel – Intercession Prayer for Peace & Blessing

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