Saint John Chrysostom Prayer Against Every Evil Desires


Saint John Chrysostom Prayer Against Every Evil Desires

Peace and grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. We present to you a prayer of protection against Satan’s warriors and some of St. John Chrysostom’s sayings. We hope that you will obtain blessings and grace from it, and it will keep the spirit of evil away from you, give you victory over evil desires, and fight against Satan with the power of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, to whom is eternal glory forever.



Lord, how I want to raise my prayer to you with tears and regrets! How much my soul needs you! I am weak and lonely.
I need your grace to cover me.
Dear God, I want to hear your voice calling me, I want to be thrown into the bosom of your heart that loved me before I was born.
I love you, my God, with this pure love that you put in my heart because you are the source of pure love.
You are my source of sweetness, overflowing with your bounties. Please break these boundaries that Satan has placed in my life.
Set me free, loosen my chains, I want to fly and fly in spirit to you.


Protection Prayer

Oh God, do not deprive me of your perpetual heavenly blessings, save me from eternal punishment.
O my God, forgive me for my sins that I have committed by saying, thinking, or imagining.
Save me from lust, ignorance, forgetfulness, laziness, and insensitivity.
Oh God, save me from every temptation, and do not leave me to the enemy. Illuminate my heart that was filled with darkness, with evil desires.

Oh my God, I sin by my evil nature. Have mercy on me, my God, look at the weakness of my nature and send your grace to help me so that your name may be glorified in me.
Lord Jesus Christ, write the name of your servant in the book of life and grant me a good end.
O Lord and my God, I did not do good, but make me, through your mercy, start from now.
O Lord, fill my heart with the dew of Your grace.

Oh my God, Lord of heaven and earth, I am the sinner who deserves shame, who is not interested in spiritual matters.
Remember me, sir, when you come in your kingdom.
Oh, my God, accept me, my lord, in my penitence, and do not forget me. Do not lead me into temptation. Give me good ideas.
Fill my eyes with tears and make me remember death and regret my sins.

Make me confess all my thoughts.
Fill me with humility and obedience, tame my will, and give me endurance, perseverance, and meekness.
O my God, instill in me the virtues which are the basis of your fear, make me worthy to love you with all my strength, mind, and heart, and to do your will in all things.

O my God, have mercy on me from evil people, demons, passions, and all that is inappropriate, and all that you command.
God, all you know is good for me. Whatever you want, make me walk according to your will, so that your will be done, not mine.
With the intercession and prayers of the Immaculate Virgin Mary and all the saints. For you are glorified in all ages, Amen.

Saint John Chrysostom Prayer Against Every Evil Desires
Saint John Chrysostom Prayer Against Every Evil Desires

Sayings of Saint John Chrysostom

  • Prayer is the source and foundation of countless blessings that are incredibly powerful.
  • Prayer is an introduction to bring pleasure.
  • Without love, theological speech is nothing more than a grave.
  • A person should always repeat a prayer: “O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”
  • The love of riches is an unnatural lust in man.
  • Whether while he is praying, walking, eating, or resting, the name of our Lord Jesus Christ penetrates into the depths of the heart and destroys the pride of the old serpent crouching within to refresh the soul.
  • Continue without interruption to chant the name of the Lord Jesus until your heart embraces, and the two become one.
  • The church is not a place for gold and silver to be minted, but rather a meeting place for angels.
  • I wish we could benefit from the necessity of prayer and realize that in abandoning it there is a loss of the life of the soul, as they are one and inseparable thing.
  • I want to expel not heretics, but heretics.
  • Love is the passport by which a person crosses all the gates of heaven without hindrance.
  • Christ was victorious while he was crucified, not while he was crucified.

Prayer is a great weapon and an inexhaustible treasure.

  • Sanctify them in your truth”, meaning “make them holy by the gift of the Spirit and the true teachings.” It is also when he said: “You are clean because of the words that I spoke to you” (John 15:3).
  • Whoever does not pray, there is absolutely nothing good in his life.
  • The body of the Lord is your altar, and such an altar you can see wherever you walk, whether on the road or in public squares, and you can offer your sacrifices on it at all times.
  • Love is the goal and meaning of Christianity.
  • If you do not want grief to come to you, do not grieve a person.
  • You were given the Word of God so that no one would teach you God’s will.
  • You long to see His clothes, but He gives Himself to you, not only to see Him, but also to touch Him, eat Him, and accept Him within you.
  • Christ did not come to destroy human nature, but to correct our will.
  • With prayer, mark yourself with a cross on your forehead, and then the devils will not approach you, because you will be armed against them.
  • Stillness is the companion of asceticism. Stillness gives the heart permanent solitude.
  • The strength of Christianity lies in meekness and endurance, not in oppression.
  • Pronunciation of straight teachings regarding God sanctifies the soul. And when he says that they are sanctified by the word, this does not depend on wondrous deeds… For he knows that the word of God is also purifying.
  • But to say, “Sanctify them,” seems to me also to declare another similar matter. “He consecrated them for the sake of the word and the preaching.” This is what appears from what follows.


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Saint John Chrysostom Prayer Against Every Evil Desires

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