Saint Joseph Prayer in Time of Troubles and Trials


Saint Joseph Prayer in Time of Troubles and Trials

Saint Joseph’s Prayer

1). O Saint Joseph, the fathers and the great teachers of the Church have testified that your intercession is absolute, universal, covers all the needs of the soul and body, and extends to groups and individuals. You are the fiancée of the Virgin Mary and the educator of Jesus. And what do you ask? Of them, there is no doubt that you will hit him. And if other of the saints supplicate in the house of Jesus and Mary to get what he wanted, then you command, and you get what you want.

So I come to you with confidence in your tenderness, and I hate my sins that kept me away from my Savior Jesus, and I ask that you have pity on me and help me in my distress, and grant me the grace necessary for me… (Mention the grace that you ask for), remember that your paternal affection is not limited to Jesus alone, but includes all believing Christians, especially since the Lord Jesus is our head, and we are members of all his secret body.

And when you were willing to embrace the Son of God and hold him to your chest because he became your son, you wanted together to include us in your heart. Your soul is a container of the best fatherly sentiments. This is what makes me wait for your generosity to satisfy my need, forgive my sins, and strengthen me to honor you and thank you. Amen.

Saint Joseph Prayer in Time of Troubles and Trials
Saint Joseph Prayer in Time of Troubles and Trials

2). Oh Saint Joseph

Our forefathers who took refuge in the shade of your protection told us that he had never heard that anyone who sought refuge from you and sought your help came back disappointed. The rulers of the earth and the heads of the church have received abundant gifts by the strength of your authority.

The groups sought refuge in you, and you focused between them tranquility and peace and included them with spiritual and temporal goods. Then the needy, the wretched, the sick and the afflicted, the oppressed, the afflicted, the needy of the necessary sustenance, and those whom the world has deprived of goodness and consolation, they came to you, and you were to them the greatest benefactor and the best helper, so they won what was desired, and they were thankful to you.

So now look upon my sorrow and my gloom, and honor me with the effects of Your power, and grant me what I need to join, not only on earth but in heaven, to the armies of thankful ones who have survived by Your mighty hand from the claws of spiritual and temporal evil, and I dedicate myself to Your glorification forever. Amen.


3). Saint Joseph,

We know that whoever wants to live in holiness, free from evils and sincerely willing to reach joyfully to the end of life, must seek your help. You are the orator of the Virgin, the Mother of God, and the Father of the Word incarnate. And you have gathered in your self-righteousness and faithfulness, and you have remained without blemish in your life on earth, and now you receive all that your prayers ask for.

The pure teachers made every effort to motivate all Christians to resort to your father-in-law and trust the kindest fathers and the strongest of lawyers. And whoever acts on their advice will experience the benefit of seeking help from you and being regular in the line of your honor.

And who remembers that he sought a blessing from you and did not receive it from your tenderness? Help me, through your intercession, in the necessity of my soul and body to be stronger one day in union with you and the Blessed Virgin Mary, to thank and praise Jesus, my Divine Savior, forever and ever. Amen.



Remember, Saint Joseph betrothed to the Virgin Mary, the purest, and my beloved patron, that he had never heard that anyone who asked for your intercession and begged for your help was left without consolation. Do not reject my requests, you who have been called the Father of the Savior, but listen to me with good care and be gracious to answer me. Amen.


Prayer to Saint Joseph

Great Saint Joseph, possessor of infinite influence by the power of your intercession, able to meet all our needs, and the world how to make the impossible possible. Look into your fatherly eyes, your children. Amen.

A request for the virtue of purity: O Most High Saint Joseph, father of virgins and advocate of virgins, to whom God entrusted the guardianship of Jesus the purity himself, and Mary the Virgin of virgins, I beg and swear to you, by Jesus and Mary, by the sake of this praiseworthy and omnipotent trust, to serve Jesus and Mary, that you make me, by your heart, Jesus and Mary, make me Chastity of the body and purity of thoughts, far from all impurity. Amen.

Remember, O Saint Joseph, betrothed to the most chaste Virgin Mary, that it was never heard that anyone sought your protection and sought help from you and that you did not release him. I am with full confidence, I come to you for help, so do not disappoint my prayer, O you who has been called the Father of the Redeemer, but accept it with a detour. Amen. (google translate)


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Saint Joseph Prayer in Time of Troubles and Trials

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