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The Fruits of Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth How to Earn Them

The Fruits of Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth How to Earn Them

Today we will talk about the fruits and virtues of wisdom, knowledge, and truth. I hope that we all get closer to these three virtues and become the goal of our lives to know more and more the most important fruits of wisdom, knowledge, and truth, and how to acquire them and realize their secrets.


Life is a School

One of the main causes of our lives is to fully and completely understand who we are, and this is due to our ability to understand life. This certainly does not come easy. Life is a school that should not be bleak, boring, or sad. We all learn from this life and think that through everything we go through: the good, the bad, the idle, the good, the joy, the sadness, the success, and failure they all have lessons for us. In life.

My sincere hope is that you will learn through these experiences and have ammunition for the future so that the best will follow, and thus be better than you were yesterday. With a sense of hope and enthusiasm, to know the grace that surrounds you at all times. To the extent that you may eat from the fruit of knowledge, and drink from the cup of grace the most delicious and best of what you love and desire.

The Fruits of Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth How to Earn Them
The Fruits of Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth How to Earn Them

Gain this knowledge, get drunk from its wine, enjoy many of its spices, and enjoy the treasures of knowledge and wisdom, then you can continue to live with certainty and hope.

Because you are filled with wisdom and walking in the path of light, apply the principles of wisdom and the virtues of knowledge and truth to your daily work and all your work and relationships. Working in harmony and harmony with knowledge and cooperation are the unchanging laws of life.

Doing this will bring you closer to the truth, give you strength and drive forward, and you will forget about everything that has passed and look forward. In the end, with all the awareness and knowledge that one carries, one can touch the truth. The truth of everything in life! We cannot say all because no one is perfect but God, but then you realize important things and lead you to the heart of the truth.

The Fruits of Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth How to Earn Them
The Fruits of Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth How to Earn Them

Knowledge, wisdom, and truth

The most important stages at which we stop in the faithful life journey. The first is knowledge, followed by wisdom, and finally the truth. And that’s all we’re looking for. When we come to understand this wonderful triangle, then we break into a new world of freedom, and openness to the world of light.

Spiritual freedom allows us to love and live immersed in great cosmic mysteries and secrets that lead us to the essence of life and sufficiency. live in the light of truth; Freedom from the shackles of slavery, matter, and darkness, once and for all.

Thus, it liberates us and heals us to help us fulfill the desires of our hearts. When we reach it, we will bow in humility and respect to this great power. This is the way. For a full, clear, and happy life to live with honesty, grace, and holiness. In our hand is the torch of light that leads us to know what to know and do what to do, then our days turn into nights and our nights turn into days luminous with joy and happiness.

أهم ثمار الحكمة المعرفة والحقيقة وكيفية إكتسابها
أهم ثمار الحكمة المعرفة والحقيقة وكيفية اكتسابها


Dear! No matter what happens in your life and no matter how much pain and sorrows befall you, do not get confused or despair! Because challenges and hardships will lead you to spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. This is the center of the light and the soul, and it is the missing link in everything. Never be afraid because you will touch and see the beauty of truth and be enlightened by its light.

So remember that you will gain instant access to far greater than what you can see right now. You can’t imagine how wonderful it would be! Live in love, be filled with knowledge, be enlightened in wisdom, and always speak the truth. May you have all the success. Greetings and see you in another article.


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The Fruits of Wisdom, Knowledge and Truth How to Earn Them


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