The Way Back to God Through Repentance and Sincere Regret

The Way Back to God Through Repentance and Sincere Regret

returning to the Lord requires repentance first, i.e. acknowledgment of the sins and omissions you have committed, and by returning to Him, you will go through the stage of repentance, i.e. returning to His love and asking for His forgiveness and forgiveness. Do not delay, hurry now and return to the source of love, return to the tender loving heart, return to the one who gave you the greatest of what he possesses, he gave you life, and this life will not be happy without him! Come to him today…! Take the path back to God, back from sin, and repent to Him!


Meditation on the message “Real life in God”

Jesus says: “What can you compare to my Sacred Heart? With a fountain that makes the gardens fertile? Yes, if anyone thirsts, come to me! Let this man come and drink; my heart is a fountain of living water; come and cast yourself into those streams that flow from my Sacred Heart.”

O beloved Jesus, forgive us our sins, deliver us from the fire of hell, and take to heaven all souls, especially those most in need of your mercy. Trustworthy. Jesus, my only love, I pray for those you love who do not know how to love you, that they may be cleansed and healed, so that they too may be free from all evil; Trustworthy.

The Way Back to God Through Repentance and Sincere Regret
The Way Back to God Through Repentance and Sincere Regret

The Father Speaks

Find your comfort in embracing her, find her in the same hands that carried my son across the desert to Egypt; as the kindness of a mother who honored me with her kindness, why, did I not raise her? (…) Who tells you that I will not listen to her? Didn’t your mother intercede at Cana? These verses were given so that your soul might understand what it rejects today. This verse was given to all the generations to come after her: “The Woman Clothed with the Sun”, adorned with My Holy Trinity, who fills the world, occupies the position of the Mother of God.”

God speaks only to those who reject our Holy Mother, and to those who do not honor her sufficiently. Our Mother the Virgin speaks: “God comes to all of you, even to the most miserable. Return to God and He will return to you. Come and make your dwelling place in his heart as he makes his dwelling place in your heart. Let it be known that without fervent prayers you will not be able to see the kingdom of God. His kingdom is on earth At hand. Remember: what God wants from you is that you change your heart. Do not be afraid to confess your sins. Live and practice the sacrament of confession.

“As in the Transfiguration, I will evacuate my Church to regain all the radiance of the glory of her youth, her wedding days.”

My will be on earth as in heaven because you will be one, worshiping me around one tabernacle, love in your heart and a fire burning within you; I will fulfill my priestly prayer on earth as in heaven, your souls will be rooted in me, in love, in unity, and will be filled with the abundance of my Holy Spirit.

Yes, my beloved, I will not only give you your daily bread but also a hidden treasure in my heart: the “heavenly manna,” which lifts and transforms your spirit into an image of mine; You will be transformed by the spilling of my Holy Spirit.” “I will make each of you a radiant city, and I will renew you completely, for this is how I prepare you for the union of my Holy Spirit.”

“I am on the way back so that all my creation may manifest in the goodness and holiness of the truth.” (Google Translate)

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The Way Back to God Through Repentance and Sincere Regret

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