Prayer to the Holy Spirit of Saint Ephrem the Syrian


Prayer to the Holy Spirit of Saint Ephrem the Syrian
Soliloquy with the Spirit of God in the Holy Spirit Prayer, written by St. Ephraim the Syrian, will transport you to the realm of the pure spirit to obtain mercy and be filled with blessings and gifts, and purify you from every impurity and sin. Fly on the wings of the soul with the prayer of Saint Ephrem and be one of the soldiers of heaven!


Let’s Pray

O Lord, Heavenly King, Comforter, Spirit of truth, have pity and have mercy on your sinful servant, pardon my unworthiness, and forgive me the sins I have committed today as a human being and not only as a human being, but even worse than an animal… Which is because of boredom.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit of Saint Ephrem the Syrian
Prayer to the Holy Spirit of Saint Ephrem the Syrian

If I have sworn by your name or blasphemed in thought, If I have blamed or reproached anyone, If in my anger I belittled or defamed someone, or grieve anyone, If I have been angry because of something, or have lied, If I have slept unnecessarily.

Or if I have despised or neglected a poor man who came to me, if I had troubled my brother or quarreled with him, or if I had judged anyone, or was proud, or was arrogant, or was angry with anyone, if I, while standing for prayer, was distracted by the magic of this world, or if I had thought Bad thoughts, if you eat more.

or laughed recklessly, or contemplated evil, or looked at someone’s attractiveness and wounded my heart with it, or said disgraceful things, or laughed at my brother’s sin while my faults were numberless, if I was negligent in my prayer, or if I erred in something and do not remember it, because I have done all these and more. Have mercy, my Lord and Creator, on your wretched, unworthy servant.

Resolve and forgive me, and save me by your goodness and love for mankind, that I, the sinner, the lustful, and the wretched, may lie, sleep, and rest in peace, that I may worship and praise and glorify Your Most Honorable Name with the Father and His Only-Begotten Son, now and forever and ever. Amen.


Saint Ephrem the Syrian Quotes

  • The wise do not hate anyone, and if he hates, he hates the ignorant. As for the ignorant person, he does not love anyone, for he loves his ignorant companion.
  • Acquire gold by an amount. As for knowledge, acquire it without limit, because gold multiplies pests, and as for knowledge, it begets comfort and bliss.
  • Be humble in your youth to rise in your old age.
  • Wisdom is better than adornment, knowledge is better than money, and a wise young man is better than the king of an ignorant old man.
  • Envy is a powerful arrow that kills its shooter.
  • He who possesses pure gold is not afraid to test it with fire.
  • It is not in the abundance of sons that life is for fathers.
  • If the Lord of creation wills, one child will take the place of many. (Google Translate)


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Prayer to the Holy Spirit of Saint Ephrem the Syrian

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