Story of the King and the Servant – Inexhaustible Treasure

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Story of the King and the Servant – Inexhaustible Treasure

The King and the Servant

one day, somewhere, a king was living in his kingdom. This king should have been grateful for what he had in this kingdom of many good things. But he was not satisfied with himself and what he was doing.

One day, this king woke up one morning to a beautiful voice singing calmly, softly, and happily. So this king looked to the place of this voice. And he looked at the source of the sound and found him a servant working for him in the garden. The face of this servant indicated kindness, contentment, and happiness.

So the king summoned him to him and asked him: Why is he so happy even though he is a servant and his income is little and indicates that he hardly has enough to suffice him?

Story of the King and the Servant - Inexhaustible Treasure
Story of the King and the Servant – Inexhaustible Treasure

This server replied

That he works for the king and gets enough for himself and his family, and that there is a roof for them to sleep under, and his family is happy, and he is happy for the happiness of his family. He does not care about anything else as long as there is bread to eat on his table daily.

So the king was surprised by the order of this servant who arrives at the point of subsistence in his life, and yet he is content and also happy with what he is!!! So the king called his minister and told him about this man’s story. So his minister listened to him very carefully, then told him to do something. So the king asked him about that, and he said to him, “Club 99.” So the king was surprised by this and asked his minister what he meant by that?


The minister said to him

You have to put 99 gold coins in a bag and put it in front of this poor worker’s house and at night without anyone seeing you he hid and let’s see what happens? So the king got up and did what his minister said and waited until night came, then he did that and hid and waited for what would happen after that he found the poor man.

And he found the bag, so he flew with joy and called the people in his house and told them what was in the bag, then he locked the door of his house and then made his family sleep and then sat at his table preparing the pieces of Gold and found 99 pieces.

He told himself, “Maybe a hundred pieces fell somewhere.” He kept searching, but in vain, and even exhausted him, so he said to himself, “It’s okay. I will work, and I can buy the missing hundred pieces, so I have 100 gold pieces.” He went to sleep, but the next day he was late in waking up. Story of the King and the Servant – Inexhaustible Treasure


Missing piece

So he started cursing and cursing about his family, which he took care of with the utmost love and tenderness, and shouted at his children after he used to kiss them every morning and play with them before he left for work and the river of his wife. Then he went to work completely exhausted.

He stayed up most of the night looking for the missing piece, and he did not, He sleeps well. And other than that, what he did in his family made him not clear of mind when he got to work. He did not work as usual. He did not sing as he used to do with his beautiful, calm voice. Rather, he worked with extreme hysteria.

He wants as much work as possible because he wants to buy that missing piece. So the king told his minister what he saw with his eyes and he was very surprised. The king thought that this man would be happy with those pieces and would buy what he and his family lacked from what they wanted and desired, but this never happened!!!

So the minister listened to the king well and then told him thus: The worker was in this condition and grew up on that, and he was satisfied with his few and his family as well. He was happy and nothing disturbed his life, for he and his family ate what they used to, and they had a home to shelter them except for the happiness of his family and the happiness of his family with it.

But suddenly he had 99 gold coins, and he wanted more! Do you know why, because if a person is suddenly blessed with a blessing, he is not satisfied with what he has, even if what he has is sufficient for him, so he says is there more! So the king was convinced of what he had told him and decided from that day to appreciate everything he has, even the very small things, and thank God for what he had.


The lesson

It is okay to ask for more, but it is not necessary to be subjected to pressure, extreme hardship, and running into the hysteria that makes us lose the beautiful things that God has bestowed upon us, or even become too blinded by them. How many blessings God has bestowed upon people. They do not see it and look forward to what others have. They think that it is not fair that they get these things, and they do not.

God gave his gifts as he wanted, and each person took special blessings. Let us do what the Lord Jesus is satisfied with us to bless our lives and livelihoods and honor us with them, so we rejoice and this is our conviction of His grace and earthly bounties for us, and we strive to obtain the endless treasure that is countless and countless for our eternal life with Him. (Google Translate)


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Story of the King and the Servant – Inexhaustible Treasure

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