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Morning Prayer When Waking Up From Sleep


Morning Prayer When Waking Up From Sleep

At the beginning of a new day, receive your day with a morning prayer, thanking the Lord God for this new day and asking him to care and bless at the beginning of your day.

How wonderful it is to sit with Lord in the morning and speak to him with words from the heart, thank him and swim in his holy name, ask him to accompany you in this day to protect you and provide you with wisdom and grace, Pray every morning for this prayer!


My Lord and My God

What will happen on this day? I don’t know. All I know is that it will only happen to me that your eternal love has created forever before you create me.

For this reason, I am not afraid or worried, and I do not leave the worries to my life, because I believe that you love me, Lord, I trust in your compassion, You will help me and do not give up on me. This is enough to live reassuringly, free from worries and delusions.

Morning Prayer When Waking Up From Sleep
Morning Prayer When Waking Up From Sleep

I prostrate in advance all that you have decided to me, O Lord because you only want me good. My head is satisfied with everything you do, because you are my father, and you saved me only because you love me. If there is something that bothers me, it is difficult and painful.

I bear it, and I offer it to you with the pain of your beloved Son and the pain of my mother, the Virgin Mary, for sanctifying myself and the souls of others. I do not ask you, Lord, except to grant me, with the entitlements of your beloved Son, the power of patience, and the submissive submission of all that you allow. Amen.


Virgin Mary

I give you my eyes today, my ears, my mouth, my heart, and myself in its entirety. Peace is upon you, full of the grace of the Lord with you.

Blessed are you in women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, our Lord Jesus Christ. O Saint Mary, O Mother of God, pray for us, sinners now, and in the hour of our death Amen. Repeat (3) times.

Morning Prayer When Waking Up From Sleep
Morning Prayer When Waking Up From Sleep

May we be our servants, O mother of the world, our tender mother, pray for us, O Mother of God, O one who carried Jesus, who has prayed to God near the cross Amen? (Google translate)

Morning Prayer When Waking Up From Sleep


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