Prayer for Healing of Physical Diseases and Strong Sadness

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Prayer for Healing of Physical Diseases & Strong Sadness

Sick, sad, confused, desperate, anxious, gloomy? Hurry up to the Healing Doctor, and ask him to help You. Hurry up to Jesus.


Jesus the Healer

O Christ Jesus my Savior, you are a spiritual and physical doctor in the hours of pain, depression, and strong sadness. I ask your Holy Spirit to grant me patience so that I will not rebel or grumble, and that I may know your son. I can receive your blessings even amid the sorrows of life.

Do not leave me and do not neglect me, Lord, approach me through your holy words, and consolation in your love for my troubled heart. Let these days of illness be an opportunity to bring me closer to you and teach me that you are my Savior, who by his pureblood can purify myself from the uncleanness of evils.

Show me how I surrender myself to the will of your Heavenly Father and give me the confidence that no one can snatch me from your hand. Amen.

Prayer for Healing of Physical Diseases & Strong Sadness
Prayer for Healing of Physical Diseases & Strong Sadness

A prayer for the healing of a tired and suffering soul

Jesus, thank you now for my soul, the effects of sin are rooted in them. So, I am agitated, sharp-tempered, short-tempered, and weak. I have accumulated bad habits in myself, leaving the wounds difficult for me to love others. As implanted in the cruel experiences trailing fear and suspicion.

O Jesus, clean my inner mind, shine your light on me; I touch the deepest depths of my soul, where the attachment to matters of the matter is rooted in awakening anxiety and fear. I am free, and my spirit yearns more and more for thee. Prove my trust in you and in your word.

Jesus, I ask you to heal from the trauma that afflicts me as a result of failures and desires that cannot be realized. I am cured of the darkness that lies within me, and the healing of the wounds accumulated in my deepest depths. Give me to give you peace and live it in my own depths.

I pray for people with mental illness and depression. Relieve their weight, and balm wounds that cause them illness. Protect their children with heredity. Detect every schizophrenia in personality, every tension, every fear, every neurological illness, or myself.


O Lord,

heal those who have contracted the disease themselves because of the failure they have experienced in the family, school, or work. Keep away from all thoughts of suicide, and free them from all tension. Jesus, be the master of us. Healed those who practiced magic and astrology. Free them from the illusions of magic and read the future. Give them rest and peace. Trustworthy.

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– With all humility, Lord, I put before you my sorrow, my pain, my sickness, and the problems that multiply these days. I come to you, Lord, and to me full of confidence in your love and your strength. You help me because you are the God who provides healing for every wound and consolation for all sorrow and medicine for every patient and harmony for all adversities.

In your Holy Cross, we have revealed, O God of all disease and calamity, and we have emphasized, O Holy One, in our life we glorify and grant you glory and glory forever.

– Look at the whole Mother of God, praise the misery of our hard bodies, and heal the pains of our souls.

– You have made glorious things, O Mother of God, with the effluents flowing from your holy icon, we receive from you all blessings and blessings, O Queen of all, thank you to the mourners: Rejoice, O medicine that removes the sorrows of joy. Survive from death.

Prayer for Healing of Physical Diseases & Strong Sadness
Prayer for Healing of Physical Diseases & Strong Sadness

Prayer for the Healing of the Sick and Sinners

Jesus, I have come for the sick and the sinners. So, I pray, now you seek healing of the soul and the body. Jesus, you know that sin renders every human being and destroys relations between people and with you. But in front of you, there is no sin left but erased, no disease remains but fades in your healing world, and no wound remains but heals.

O Mary, my pure mother, I ask you to pray with my prayer, as at the wedding of Cana of Galilee. I will be able to receive blessings from the weak and the sick, and from myself. Amen.


A Prayer to Survive Drowning in this World

Jesus, you are aware of the tension in the world; a ship has been installed in every life. You are always present because your name is ‘Emmanuel’. Be God is with us. I ask you now to be resolved in my life, my fascination drowns. Look at the hardships and anxieties that beset my consciousness and my deepest decision.

Jesus, come to my own ‘boat’, I’m almost drowning. I hear my call and my mood is turbulent. I will wave the waves of death that beseech me, and thou shalt dwell. Say one word and calm my heart, and listen to your wonderful divine word. Jesus, come to my family’s ‘yacht’ and ‘ship’ in the world. Listen to our cry, extend your rights, and calm. O Lord, come heal my wound.


O Jesus,

Come to the lives of those who are living the ordeal, and addicted to the evil of drugs, alcohol, gambling, lust, and other bad habits. Dwelling and stormy whims, and guiding them to the right path, make them hear your voice that holds peace to all who listen to it. Jesus, you are present on the boat of my life. You are my God, and I worship and glorify you.

You alone are the Lord Almighty. I believe in you and trust in you, and with faith and trust, I place myself in your hands. I pray for your love and your mercy, and with you and with your virgin mother, I declare: in health and sickness, success, failure in joy, sorrow in life, death now and forever.

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Jesus, often in the act of good, often acted as I wanted, not according to your sayings and your will, and it left me a deep wound. Free me from weakness and hesitation when I do not realize your will. O Mary, grant me grace so that my decision will be firm and firm. Help me stay honest and never back down.

Prayer for Healing of Physical Diseases & Strong Sadness
Prayer for Healing of Physical Diseases & Strong Sadness

Prayer of Repentance for Sin

Jesus, I am repenting of sin, I am guilty of evil, false deceit, and hypocritical promises. Catch any heresy. Take away my weakness, my spending, the life of selfishness and pride. Take away every desire that concerns me about the will of the Father. I reject every spiritual weakness and weakness so that I dwell in myself. St. Mary, help me to defeat evil in my life.


Prayer for the Healing of Physical Diseases

‘When the event came, they brought unto him many that were possessed by devils: and he cast out the spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick: That it might be fulfilled, which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses. ‘(Matthew 8:16-17). (KJV)

Jesus, heal my hands, I come to you with my physical pain and the dangers that threaten my body. Heal me from the pains that are eroding my body. (I remember your ailments) protect me from every disease. If your will is to carry the cross of the disease, I accept it and ask you to give me a blessing with love. Jesus, I also ask you to heal my family and my parents. (Mention their names).

Jesus, if August’s wish is to be a pain, I ask you to give them a blessing to carry a pain-loving cross. Heal patients, all patients in the world. A world of pandemics and incurable diseases. O Jesus, with the word, heals our diseases because you came to take them and let go. 

O Heavenly Father, I thank you for having created me and saved me from your children. Thank you for giving me the healing of my soul and body. To dispel the blessing of peace, love, reconciliation, and trust, and to appeal to my family, to the whole Church, and to the world. O Mary, seek forgiveness from the Father’s mercy for all that we need, soul and body. Amen. (Google Translate)


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Prayer for Healing of Physical Diseases, Depression, and Strong Sadness

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