Prayer to Overcome Trials and Hardships in Life

Prayer to Overcome Trials and Hardships in Life

“Watch and pray that you do not enter into temptation. As for the spirit, it is active, but the body is weak.” (Matthew 26:41; Mark 14:38) This verse is from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark admonishing the believer to watch and pray, vigil, meaning spiritual vigilance and vigilance in faith to be alert and not fall. In the traps of the devil.

It is as if the Lord warns us of wars that you will fight between the weak body inclined to lusts and the spirit that wants us to soar like eagles and rise above the earthly. We have to be careful because our enemy is like a roaring lion who wants to swallow us up.

In the First Epistle of Peter this warning came: “Verse (1 Peter 5:8): Awake and watch, for your adversary the Devil, like a roaring lion, roams about seeking a devourer.” Once again, the Lord warns us for vigilance and vigilance, and in this verse he specified the reason and told us that we have a ferocious enemy, likening him to a visiting lion who does not get tired or sleep, wandering all over the earth to swallow up even the elect.

That is why we, as believers, have to stay vigil and always pray a prayer to overcome the trials and difficulties in life and ask the Lord to be with us to protect us and help us against the battles of Satan and his armies.

Prayer to Overcome Trials and Hardships in Life
Prayer to Overcome Trials and Hardships in Life

Let’s Pray

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God, Amen

Lord Jesus Christ, I confess and confess that I have many temptations. Thoughts keep coming to me, and I cannot untie these chains that bind me, Satan made me a toy.

I admit my mistake, because I surrendered to the traps of Satan, who made me fall into these unclean thoughts. But now I will set my feet upon this solid rock above which your cross rises. Sir, here I am raising my prayer to you, knowing that you will command the forces of the enemy to be defeated and rebound with the experiences that torment me.

Jesus, I do not want the spirits of lies and darkness to overwhelm me with their ropes. And I believe that by the power of your pure blood, its plans will fade away, and its attempts against me will be dissipated. I believe that in the victory of your cross-over Golgotha and in your merits,

She had no power whatsoever for my soul, my soul, or my body. I confess that I am your savior and my God, O Crucified and Risen One, O Master of conquest. I′ believe that I am under your protection, O God the Father, and under the protection of your angels, And that the power of the blood of Jesus my Savior makes me safe from all evil.


I confess, declaring: Who is like you, O God!

You are the eternal God of the Trinity, Holy, Holy, Holy are you. In front of your greatness all the forces of darkness are scattered, and you can’t stand it despite its black hatred. You might and greatness make it tremble and shrivel, and make all its schemes evaporate. I believe that you have the victory, O Christ Jesus, full of glory and greatness, You are the one who defeated Satan and his authority and all the thoughts that come to me.

O Jesus, Lamb of God, to you all the lower soldiers are subject, and they dissipate just looking at your surgery, which is the title of your victory. Lord Jesus, you are my savior, who redeemed me with his blood, And free me from the traps of Satan and his temptations, and therefore from all these experiences of mine. I believe in you and what you make of liberation, and I want to live for you.

And as much power overflows in me, I want to purify you with my sincerity and my love,
And that I walk victorious in your strength to the end. Thank you, Jesus, for through you, I set myself free from my temptations. Because you are the Son of God, you have come to overthrow hell and undermine its foundations, It brings me to the final goal, where everything is complete, alleluia, alleluia. Amen. (Google Translate)


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Prayer to Overcome Trials and Hardships in Life

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